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Wild hearts are deeply empathetic beings, we feel everything.  We often lose our voices in an effort to keep peace and harmony in relationships.  We ultimately have the ability to become catalysts for change in our families and in the world, as we want to break down old, outdated, and unhealthy ways of relating.  But only if we first listen to the whispers within our soul and learn to sing our own song.


If you have found this page, chances are your journey in this lifetime has not been an easy one.  You may also notice some recurring patterns across the generations of your ancestry.  Perhaps the modern or traditional ways have not worked in your life or have not served you well.  You are likely an old soul; a seeker of truth, deep healing, and peace.  


I too have had a difficult journey and I believe my calling is to help others on the path to fulfill their soul’s purpose.  Perhaps you are the one who is here to help change the world?

Join me as you learn to walk in beauty and remember your song.

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